Sunday, 1 June 2014

Vintage children's books

Vintage children's book collection- 
How precious!

Here is a scarce Mattel "Music Maker Book" copyrighted 1954 "Plays real music". GOLDILOCKS and the THREE BEARS, just turn the crank, and it will play music as you read the story but unfortunately many pages are missing. Nevertheless it is gorgeous and plays a beautiful tune.

Vintage Little Golden Books are collectable and look beautiful!

Here is a beautiful Enid Blyton book,

 "The Story of OUR QUEEN"

Lovely example of an Australian vintage series book circa 1950's

Enid Blyton books are not only collectable but look great in a children's book shelf as they are colorful & have lovely pictures on their spine.




I started collecting the odd vintage children's book about ten years ago for our son. Recently, I have been collecting more seriously, as I realised how the loss of print & beautiful vintage pictures may one day occur. Being able to hold a pre-loved vintage book is so special & the beautiful pictures are a memory of the past.



Beautiful page from Bobby Bear's Annual

Beautiful Books!

Vintage Enid Blyton book's are lovely books & fun to collect as some have beautiful dust jackets such as these. The pictures are so detailed and pretty and if you are lucky, in great condition.

Start your precious collection now!

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