Monday, 21 July 2014

Vintage Colanders

I'm Going Colanders,
Vintage Colanders!

Definition of COLANDER. : a bowl that has many small holes and that is used for washing or draining food, a perforated utensil for washing or draining food.

I just love colanders and have been collecting them over the years, just because they are so beautiful in their own right.  My favourites are the humble, vintage, aluminum colanders which I picked up from local op shops at a few dollars. I also love enamel & porcelain colanders.  I have recently acquired another beautiful, large colander from my aunt which was my nanna's.  I was so excited to be given this as it is so precious  & this now, is my most favourite! It is filled with herbs & sits just outside our kitchen window.  It is very sentimental and reminds me of my nanna, as I think about her holding it and cooking for her family with love.  My nanna was a wonderful woman of substance, who loved to cook for family & friends and would get up at 5am, if she knew we were coming to visit in order to make her famous pizza & "banarda". The "banarda" was like a pastie (the pastry was hand kneaded & was amazing & difficult to replicate) filled with silver beet or broccoli fried up with black olives, garlic, a hint of chilli & much love.

My Nanna's Colander which has black Bakelite
handles and three gorgeous feet!

 Lovely Vintage colander, given to me by a dear friend which I have  filled with Parsley

Great Re-purposing Idea!

This is a lovely French, ceramic colander I was lucky to pick up years ago from the Salvo's

A special Strawberry Colander which was added to my collection by another dear friend

My Vintage Colander Collection

My Mother's Green Enamel Colander

 Innovative Way To Use

Light Shades

Great for Planters




 Salad Mix

 Salad & Herb Mix


Happy Browsing!

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